February 12th at 11:30 am, concert at l’Auditori i Palau de Congressos de Castelló.

February 13th at 10:00 am, Masterclass at the Conservatori Superior de Música de Castelló.


Sauti Duo was formed in late 2018 by Magdalena Myrczik and David Almagro, inspired by the rich sound (sauti in Swahili) and timbre of percussion instruments, strongly believing that music has the power to provoke reflection and renewal in human consciousness. Therefore, their main goal is, through art, to convey not only artistic values but also messages that define their ideology, such as environmental education or social ecology (human relationships – tolerance).

Musically, they have a keen interest in contemporary music, leading them to connect and collaborate with different composers, including J. M. López López, M. Ryczek, F. Barajas, or A. Dzięcioł in dissemination projects and commissions, seeking to promote especially avant-garde music from their countries of origin.

Their artistic quality is endorsed by the multiple national and international awards they have received, highlighting the 1st Prize in the International Chamber Music Competition Percute, the 1st Prize in the National Chamber Music Competition Villa de Cox, the 2nd Prize in the International Chamber Music Competition Re_Cre@, or the 3rd Prize in the International Chamber Music Competition Antón García Abril.



Sauti Duo & CSMC Percussion Group


Sauti Duo

Marcin Błaewicz – Sahay Manush

Alina Dzicioł – Change

Fran Barajas – Discurso Sobre la Mirada

Sauti Duo: Magdalena Myrczik i David Almagro


CSMC Percussion group

C. Cangelosi – Strange Joy

V J. Psathas – RealBadNow

CSMC Percussion Sound Session

Dj GasKiik + Dj Sedrakyan & CSMC Percussion Group

CSMC Percussion Group Members:Jaume Naval, Ferran Faus, José Sales, Francesc Tàrrega, Núria Abril, Miguel Alonso, Lluís Olivares, Pau Valls, Manuel Sánchez, David Mar[nez, Alberto Chust, David Vizcaíno, Aimar Subirats, Jordi Urenya.
Dj’s: Roger Gascó, Gor Sedrakyan.

“Artistic and Musical Directors: Lluís Marzal, Paco Sanchis.”