Castellón Municipal Band

February 11th at 11 am at l’Auditori i Palau de Congressos de Castelló



“Salón México” by Aaron Copland

“Sinfonía nº2” by John Barnes Chance

“Mondriana” by César Cano

“L’Arlequí” by Rafael Beltrán Moner

José Vicente Ramón Segarra: Conductor


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to FestMus 2024, a celebration of musical diversity that highlights the richness and variety of contemporary masterpieces With this concert, we invite you to embark on an exciting sonic journey featuring a repertoire that spans different styles and eras. Here are the pieces that will fill this unforgettable musical evening:

“Salón México” by Aaron Copland

Composed in 1936, Aaron Copland’s “Salón México” is a vibrant and rich work that captures the musical essence of 20th-century Mexico. The seductive melodies and hypnotic rhythms invite the audience to immerse themselves in the effervescent atmosphere of a Mexican dance hall. Copland, with his mastery, incorporates folkloric and traditional elements to provide an authentic and vibrant musical experience.

“Sinfonía nº2” by John Barnes Chance

John Barnes Chance’s “Sinfonía nº2,” written in 1966, is a monumental work that captivates from the very beginning. Its majestic structure and innovative use make it a unique piece. With skill, the composer weaves an intricate musical tapestry that will guide the audience through a journey of emotions and sonic landscapes.

“Mondriana” by César Cano

Modernity takes the stage with César Cano’s “Mondriana. This contemporary work captures the abstract essence of Piet Mondrian’s visual art and translates it into a provocative and surprising musical language. The sonic textures, bold harmonies, and imaginative use of instruments make “Mondriana” a fascinating experience for all listeners.

“L’Arlequí” by Rafael Beltrán Moner

We close the concert with the fascinating “L’Arlequí” by Rafael Beltrán Moner. Inspired by the comic character Harlequin, this piece invites us to delve into a world of colors, textures, and emotions. Playful melodies and energetic rhythms converge to create an enchanting piece that showcases Moner’s compositional skill and his ability to transport us to other dimensions.

This concert promises to be a unique experience, blending tradition and innovation to create a musical mosaic that will linger in the memories of our audience. Thank you for joining us in this celebration of contemporary music at FestMus 2024.


He was born in Vila-real in 1936. He is a Valencian composer and pianist. He began his musical studies with his father, Maestro Vicente Beltrán Cortés, and later studied with professors José María Cervera, José Iturbi, and Enric Granados.

As a composer, Beltrán Moner has written a prolific body of work that includes pieces for orchestra, choir, piano, chamber, and electronic music. His music is characterized by its stylistic variety, ranging from neoclassicism to avant-garde.

As a pianist, Beltrán Moner has performed in numerous concerts and festivals worldwide. He has recorded a large number of works of Valencian music, as well as compositions by contemporary composers.


Valencian composer. He studied composition, piano, and orchestral conducting at the Conservatori de València, where he received top marks. He also holds the Diploma de Estudios Avanzados from the Universitat Politècnica de València.

His work, known for its stylistic variety and poetic sensitivity, has been performed by prestigious orchestras and ensembles worldwide. He has received numerous awards and distinctions, including the Valencia Prize for Chamber Music Composition (1984 and 1986), the National Music Prize of the Generalitat Valenciana (1994), and the National Music Prize of the Ministry of Culture (2004).

César Cano is one of the most representative Valencian composers of his generation. His work is included in the repertoires of major concert halls and festivals worldwide. He is currently a Professor of Composition at the Conservatori Superior de Castelló.