FINALISTS Re_cre@ 2024


Keep Sweet for Clarinet, Oboe, voice and percussion

Rudofficiel “Rudofficiel” (Variation on Antonio Soler sonata in Cmoll) for Cembalo and Sampler

FCW (Variation on Aphergis Reciation 14) for 4 voices

FMTT (Fisch machine the truth) for keyboard, water-clarinet, micropercussion, extended oboe

Katrof Ensemble

Katrof ensemble is a contemporary music group consisting of five members (oboe, clarinet, harpsichord, double bass, percussion), founded in June 2020 in Lübeck. Over the last three years, the ensemble has explored different musical styles (interpretation, improvised experimental music, baroque music, and contemporary written music), all facets of their creativity that allow them to create interesting and transgressive soundscapes. In 2020, they performed their first interpretation of Henri Dutilleux’s ‘Les citations’ as part of their studies at the Musikhochschule de Lübeck.” After the success of the performance, they decided to form the ensemble. In 2021, they have performed ‘Freundschaft’ in Plön and ‘Miniaturen’ in Eutin, two thematic programs that combine baroque and contemporary music in a poetic and personal way. Later, they performed ‘Les citations’ live for NDR radio, broadcasted throughout Germany. In 2022, they created their first show, ‘Viertel,’ depicting the peculiar interactions of four citizens, each questioning urban life in their own way. The first performance of the show took place in Lübeck and was a success. In 2023, they created their second show, ‘The Jar’: an underwater dictatorship where the dictator aims to turn people into fish. ‘The Jar’ is a creative space for the ensemble members, with each new interpretation tackling a different repertoire. The show was first performed, winning an award at the Neue concept Possehl competition in January 2023. Later, it was performed in Frankfurt in October as part of the FGNM festival. At the same time, Katrof continued to offer traditional chamber music concerts.

Rebeka Drahos & Daniel Janca

Rebecka Drahos, a distinguished flutist, has distinguished herself as a soloist, chamber musician, and member of the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. A frequent collaborator with the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, she has shared the stage with renowned musicians such as Emmanuel Pahud and Krzysztof Penderecki. Specialized in baroque and contemporary genres, she collaborates with the versatile percussionist Dániel Janca, who excels in unique adaptations of baroque music, choreographed body percussion, and improvised electroacoustic music.

With notable premieres and a diversified musical activity, the duo Rebecka Drahos & Dániel Janca brings a unique fusion of musical disciplines that transcends expectations, offering an innovative sonic experience.


Cangelosi – Caprice

Lang – Lend/lease

Hatzis – Arctic Dreams I

G. Koshinski – Get it!


J.M.Sánchez-Verdú – Dhamar

C.Camarero – Trayecto Líquido

Triguero – Bañarse en chapapote

F. Festa – Clownerie

Duo Nacktê

The duo Naktê is a formation composed of Víctor Orts Langa and Julen Murga Olabegoya, two passionate musicians with a common goal: to renew the traditional language of chamber music and contribute to the development of contemporary music. This group originated in Zaragoza, based at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón (CSMA), under the direction of Manuel Fernández, Ferdinando Trematore, and Andrés Gomis, actively seeking the blend and connection through a unique and attractive combination of instruments: saxophone and accordion.

In their short trajectory, they have received masterclasses from prominent chamber musicians such as saxophonist Marcus Weiss and clarinetist Jakub Drygas. Furthermore, they maintain relationships with composers such as J. María Sánchez-Verdú and César Camerero, collaborating with the composition department of CSMAragón and premiering several works, both individually and collectively. Among these, the work ‘Bañarse en chapapote’ by composer Luis Trigueros stands out, under the direction of Nacho de Paz.” In addition, they have participated in competitions and offered concerts in various locations in Aragon, as well as recitals in concert halls such as the CAI Foundation in Zaragoza.


Presto – Furrer

Intermezzi – Mochizuki

Apple d’air – B. Montovani

Duo Incises

Founded in 2021 by young members of a specialized program in contemporary music and performance, the duo Incises is composed of two talented musicians: Milica Zakić (piano) and Gregory Chalier (flutes). Evolving since the spring of 2021 under the supervision of the globally renowned ensemble for contemporary music, Klangforum Wien, their young careers have led them to perform in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Serbia, and Bulgaria, among other countries.

While the duo has mainly performed in Austria, they are very active in their solo careers. The wide range of repertoire and the quality of their performance have led these two musicians to participate in important events on the European artistic and musical stage, such as the Wien Modern Festival, Lucerne Festival, Heidelberg Springs, or Impuls Festival. They have had the opportunity to work, study, and perform with artists like Dimitrios Polisoidis, Joonas Ahonen, Vera Fischer, Franck Bedrossian, Peter Ablinger, Alberto Posadas, Enno Poppe, and Beat Furrer.

Duo Ziriab

Since 2019, the Duo Ziriab, consisting of Lisa Meignin on flute and Gaspard Schlich on guitar, stands out for its atypical and hybrid musical identity. With an attraction for both contemporary and traditional repertoire, the two musicians explore the connection between the two, constantly creating new programs where these two repertoires intersect. They have recently performed at the Odéon and Malakoff theaters in the Paris region, and in 2022, they received support from DRAC Grand Est for their project ‘Musiques and Improvisation’. With an interest in promoting and appreciating the music they love, they have started their careers by reaching out directly to audiences considered ‘remote’. They organize meetings during three summers in different regions, using bicycles for ecological reasons, and they recorded their first album on this occasion. Their commitment to classical music is reflected in their participation as finalists in two prestigious international competitions in Spain. They collaborate with Ensemble Accroche Note (Strasbourg) and are currently studying with Armand Angster at the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin and with Jens McManama (Ensemble Intercontemporain) at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris. With a special connection to Spain, where they lived in Seville and Barcelona for two years, they collaborate with Catalan composer Feliu Gasull and are acquainted with Agustí Fernández. In 2023, they have been selected to participate in various festivals in France and Germany.


E tu, in Triste Ombra – Massimo Lauricella (2004)

La Rosa Engalanada, José Luis Turina (1992)

Por el Iridiscencia del Fuego, Raphael Zeitoun (2024-premiere)

El Guije, duende de los Rios de Cuba, Leo Brouwer (2009)